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A gorgeous garden with lush leaves, overblown flowers, and delicate tendrils is worked in rich shades of garnet, alizarin, green, blue, and gold. The leaves are reminiscent of Venetian brocade motifs while the large flowers are classic examples of the stylized floral motifs found in many folk embroideries. The combination of these motifs from different eras creates a uniquely graceful and intricate table runner.


Finished size (exclusive of hem):   11-1/8 x 21”           

Stitch count: 185 x 329sts/16264 total sts


You Will Need:

One 16x25” piece of 32ct Mikini in natural*

DMC Floss:

22 yds 347 salmon very dark

23 yds 3768 grey green dark

22 yds 3362 pine green dark

22 yds 3857 rosewood dark

9 yds 816 garnet

9 yds 733 olive green med

*because this is a "raw", unprocessed fabric, it is 30ct in the weft and 32ct in the warp so your stitches will be slightly smaller in one direction; if you substitute 30ct fabric, you will need a 17x26" piece of fabric


Also available as a Kit or Paper Pattern.

Tuscan Bergamot cross stitch download pattern

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