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I love a simple cotton workbag for my stitching as I can carry it from room to room, take it outside, or quickly pack it for a trip. So, I've gathered all the things I love to have in my workbag and created the Avlea workbag--the only thing you'll need to add is a project and a pair of scissors!


Choose your design: Thessaly Floral or Myra Medallion

Choose your size: Small (8x10") or Large (12x15")


Each Small and Large Workbag comes with:

One 8x10" (small) or 12x15" (large) 100% cotton muslin bag stamped with an Avlea embroidery design (Thessaly Floral or Myra Medallion)

One  6" beechwood hoop 

Set of 12 floss organizers with binder ring

One needleminder

(Thessaly Floral--Daphni NM, Myra Medallion--Pumpkin Seed)

One spare cross stitch needle

One spare embroidery (sharp) needle

Floss and stitch diagram


*If you're comparing prices, the individual prices of these items are: $8 hoop, $10 needleminder, and $10 floss organizers, so you'd pay the same to buy these separately and you wouldn't get the cute little bag!


An additional option is a two--pack of the Large project bags. These bags DO NOT come with any of the additional supplies (hoop, floss, etc.). They're great for storing projects!


Avlea workbags--2 designs, 2 sizes!

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