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The Rivne Rosettes folk embroidery kit features a striking border that is a beautiful example of how simple motifs combine to create a complex and sophisticated textile. Stylized roses are set within rosette borders and then placed at the corners and separated by simple bands of border stitches. Outlining adds further intricacy to this truly stunning design inspired by traditional Romanian folk embroidery. 


Also available as a PDF download pattern here


Avlea Folk Embroidery brings ancient beauty to the modern world with gorgeous folk embroidery kits of the finest quality. Designed by Krista West and handmade in our Oregon workshop, our kits provide a wonderful folk embroidery stitching experience for the beginner or experienced crafter.


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Rivne Rosettes folk embroidery kit

SKU: 610400
  • *One 24x24" piece of 26ct 100% cotton Mikini in ivory (raw edges serged)

    *DMC 100% cotton embroidery floss

    *John James size 24 needle

    *Full color SOC charts and instructions

  • Finished size (exclusive of hem): 20x20"

    Stitch count: 257x257sts/14256 cross stitches/10704 backstitches

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