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Pomegranate Collection patterns are designs which I have not stitched a sample yet for the cover image, but I just couldn't wait to share this design! So, these are less expensive and only available as downloads. If you stitch a Pomegranate Collection pattern and submit it for photography, you'll receive a $50 Avlea website credit (and you get your embroidery back, too!). Contact me at if you are interested in submitting your embroidery.


A beautifully intricate motif that shows both Persian and Byzantine artistic influences with its stylized pendant design. Worked in a half drop repeat which lends movement and energy, this design creates a stunning cushion cover. Shown stitched in a traditional color palette of copper and blue, you can easily substitute any two colors of your choice.


Finished size (exclusive of finishing): 15-1/4 x 20-1/4 inches

Stitch count: 197 x 263sts/17488 cross sts/13328 backsts


You Will Need:

One 23 x 23” piece of 26ct Mikini in ivory

DMC Floss:

80 yds 3787 brown grey dk

52 yds 918 red copper dk

46 yds 926 grey green med

If finishing as a cushion, you will need fabric for the cushion backing

Persepolis Pendants download pattern


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