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This exquisite design is inspired by an embroidered table scarf a friend purchased from a needleworker in the Agrinio area of mainland Greece in the 1970s which was in turn inspired by a Greek folk costume. Its vibrant color palette sets a lively rainbow of hues within a traditional terra cotta and black framework for a truly striking and unconventional design. Shown worked as a table runner, it would also make a gorgeous cushion cover by stitching less repeats of the design.


Finished size (exclusive of finishing): 14-1/2 x 26”     

Stitch count: 190 x 341sts/18831 total sts/20886 backstitches


You Will Need:

One 19x30” piece of 26ct Traditional Groundcloth in natural

DMC Floss:                          

80 yds 310 black

40 yds 355 terra cotta

14 yds 815 garnet

8 yds 924 grey green very dark

8 yds 502 blue green

8 yds 832 golden olive

8 yds 21 light alizarin

8 yds 347 salmon very dark

5 yds 926 grey green med

5 yds 3032 med mocha brown

5 yds 3012 khaki green med


Also available as kit or paper pattern

Iris' Paintbox download pattern

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