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I was delighted to find a source of nicely made wooden tapestry rods with a removable finial perfect for turning your favorite embroidery into a wall hanging. Wall hangings like this are very common in Greece and a charming way to display your handwork.


The rod comes with black cording and a removable finial on one end so it's very easy to change out embroideries. It would be terrific for changing out your embroideries seasonally.


The smaller 9 inch size is perfect for turning any of our BitKits into a charming wall hanging and the larger 12 inch size is suitable for many of our larger kits such as Grecian Urn, Pella Pouli, Armenian Ramshorn and others. You can see my demo of how to make a wall hanging on the Demos page.


Available in 9 inch or 12 inch size.

Please note: the 9 inch size has an inside dimension of just over 8 inches and the 12 inch size has an inside dimension of just over 11 inches.


If you need a larger, custom sized rod, please email and I will be happy to put you in touch with the woman who makes these!

Wall hanging rod


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