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The Tree of Life folk embroidery hoop kit is inspired by a textile fragment with a cypress tree motif. The Cypress tree motif originated as a Persian motif then made it way into ancient Roman and Greek art and became a symbol of mourning which continued into medieval art. In the Christian age, classical symbols of mourning came to be overlaid with connotations of the Resurrection because of the understanding that death is the path to new life. 


My high quality kits include the design printed on 100% Kona cotton, DMC 100% cotton embroidery floss, John James size 7 embroidery needle, how to embroider instruction booklet, and a reusable stitch diagram (simply tape it to a window or light box and trace onto the fabric of your choice), and 6' beechwood embroidery hoop.


Stitches: Backstitch, satin stitch, French knot, chain stitch

Finished size: 6 inches in diameter


These kits are 100% reusable or recyclable and packaged in environmentally friendly packaging (no plastic!).

Tree of Life folk embroidery hoop kit

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