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One of the great winter festivals in Greece is Theophany—also known as “The Festival of Lights”—a time of brightness amidst the dark winter when local bodies of water are blessed. Sea of Light is a geometric reinterpretation of the sparkling of water and a celebration of this Mediterranean winter festival.

Finished size (exclusive of finishing): 23 x 23 inches

Stitch count: 300 x 301 sts/14140 sts/9972 backstitches


You Will Need:

One 28x28” piece of 26ct Traditional Groundcloth white

DMC Floss:              

64 yds 311 navy

32 yds 931 antique blue med

22 yds 926 grey green med

4 yds 598 turquoise


Also available as kit or paper pattern

Sea of Light download

SKU: 507802