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This traditional border features flowers and crosses, motifs associated with the celebration of Pascha in Orthodox Christian lands. Pascha (Easter) is the celebration of resurrection, renewal, and life triumphing over death. It is a season rich with symbology and flowers and crosses are often seen in the vestments and altar cloths used in the church services that celebrate this most important feast.

There is a beloved custom in many Orthodox Christian families of bringing a basket full of festive foods (foods that the family has abstained from for the 40 days of Great Lent) to be blessed following the celebration of the midnight Divine Liturgy. These baskets are traditionally covered with beautifully embroidered cloths that are family heirlooms.


Finished size of embroidery (exclusive of hem*): 12.5 x 12.5 inches

*Finished size worked on 24x24” piece of fabric and allowing 1” hem allowance on each side will result in a finished cloth 22x22”


Stitch count: 185 x 185 sts/14088 total sts

Pascha Basket Cover 2021 download

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