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The island of Naxos, largest of all the islands in the Cyclades, is home to a unique style of allover embroidery motifs typically worked in shades of red. These designs feature repeating geometric motifs such as squares, diamonds, and stars and their seeming simplicity illustrates how a single design unit can create a beautiful and rhythmic effect. Perfect for meditative stitching, this design can be worked in the traditional red, or the color of your choice, making it highly versatile.

Due to its small repeat size, it can easily be worked to make smaller or larger embroideries.

Finished size with hemming: 12 x 30 inches

118x358 sts/18184 total sts


You Will Need:

One 16x34” piece of 26 count counted thread fabric (photos show our Traditional Groundcloth)

DMC Floss:

103 yds 347 coral (or color of your choice)


Also available as a Kit or Paper pattern

Naxos Lattice download

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