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My very first Greek embroidery was this simple basketweave pattern that a friend shared with me. She had learned it as her first embroidery project in school and it is a terrific design for beginners and advanced stitchers alike. The basketweave effect is created by stitching little alternating bars of four colors between darker "squares". It can be worked on Aida cloth or counted thread cloth of your choice in any size/count because the cloth is entirely covered by the design.


Especially suitable for meditative stitching, simply start by stitching the dark “squares” in a grid and then work the little bars of color. When you’re all done with those stitches, outline the bars of color with metallic thread to enhance the basketweave effect. Incredibly versatile, this can be worked as a coaster, small table mat, table runner, cushion cover, tablet cover, or anything you can think of!


The chart includes THREE colorways!

Terra Cotta--golden olive, soft green, terra cotta, light gold and black

Oceanic--teal blue, celadon green, light blue, light green and dark brown grey

Posy--alizarin (coral), wedgewood blue, dark green, golden olive, and medium mocha brown


Stitch count: 8 x 8 sts over one repeat of the pattern


Also available as a paper pattern, kit for a 9x9" square mat, or floss pack (please visit the Cross Stitch Patterns & Kits page to purchase one of these options).

Mediterranean Basketweave download (M)--THREE colorways in one pattern!

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