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High quality beechwood 6" embroidery hoop with brass screw. This is my favorite embroidery hoop. It is 1/4" deep and has a brass screw that doesn't strip out like cheaper embroidery hoops. If you're going to be embroidering regularly, it's a very economical investment. I have sourced these direct from the manufacturer so I can offer an even lower price! 


I have used my beechwood hoop daily for years and it is still in great condition. I love the feel of the hardwood--it is soft and very comfortable in the hand. And, it ages beautifully with use turning a deeper shade of golden.


Price includes shipping.

Please note: because First Class Mail prices have almost doubled this year, I am having to raise the price a bit to help cover that extra shipping. If you're looking for a more economical option, consider the Avlea workbag, which includes the hoop along with other goodies. Thank you for your understanding!

Embroidery hoop beechwood 6 inch size

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