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Sprinkled with delicate celandine flowers—a type of yellow poppy that blooms throughout the Mediterranean in springtime--this border-within-a-border design is inspired by a vintage Greek table mat I acquired years ago. Diamonds and scrolls stitched in golden olive with navy and green accents create a rich, elegant effect. While the original was worked on 40ct canvas, this version is worked on 30ct linen to make a medium-size table runner.


Finished size (exclusive of hemming): 9-1/2 x 14

Stitch count: 144 x 209 sts/10679 total sts


You Will Need:

One 14 x 18 piece of 30ct Greek Vanilla linen

DMC Floss:

58 yds 733 olive green med

2 yds 502 blue green

2 yds 311 navy blue med


Also available as kit or paper pattern

Golden Celandine download

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