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This compelling design originates in a stunning tablecloth a friend of mine shared with me. Her mother, Despina, stitched it for her prika, a collection of embroidered tablecloths, cushion covers, and other handmade textiles that family members gift to a Greek bride so she can beautify her new home, a tradition which dates back centuries in Greece.

Featuring a vibrant colorway of garnet, coral, blue, ecru, and golden olive that is just as stylish today as it was 25 years ago when Despina originally stitched it, the stylized anemone motif is further ornamented by a wonderful use of backstitches to throw the bright colors into high relief. A charming little zigzag pattern and chevron bands complete the design.


Shown as an interchangeable table runner/wall hanging, it can also be finished as a cushion cover, or worked on larger fabric with more repeats to make a larger table runner.


Stitch count: 89 x 209 (4432 sts/7357 backsts)

Finished size: 10x18” finished


Also available as a Kit, Paper Pattern and Library Edition version which shows the full chart for the original textile.

Despina's Anemone

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