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Delightful sprays of blue cornflowers alternate with deep green cypress trees, a common motif in Mediterranean embroidery. I’ve arranged this charming floral design as a mirrored border, but you could easily use the designs in a variety of ways: the floral sprays or cypress trees as single motifs for a smaller project such as a child’s dress or pincushion, the small center border on a towel or small bag, or re-orient the design as a double-ended table runner. Or, if you want a longer table runner, simply use a longer piece of fabric and work more repeats.


Stitch count:79x171 sts/5264 total stitches

Finished size of embroidery area: 5-1/2 x 12-1/4” (9-1/2 x 14” hemmed)


This design is also available as a paper pattern or kit.

Delphian Cornflower download

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