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I love a simple cotton workbag for my stitching as I can carry it from room to room, take it outside, or quickly pack it for a trip. So, I've gathered all the things I love to have in my workbag and created the Avlea Folk Embroidery workbag--the only thing you'll need to add is a project and a pair of scissors!


Choose your size: Small (8x10") or Large (12x15")


Each Small and Large Workbag comes with:

One 8x10" (small) or 12x15" (large) 100% cotton muslin bag stamped with design

One  6" beechwood hoop 

Set of 12 floss organizers with binder ring

One Pumpkin Seed needleminder

One spare cross stitch needle

One spare embroidery (sharp) needle

Floss and stitch diagram


*If you're comparing prices, the individual prices of these items are: $8 hoop, $10 needleminder, and $10 floss organizers, so you'd pay the same to buy these separately and you wouldn't get the cute little bag!


An additional option is a two--pack of the Large project bags. These bags DO NOT come with any of the additional supplies (hoop, floss, etc.). They're great for storing projects!


Avlea Folk Embroidery workbag--Myra Medallion


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