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Inspired by a traditional embroidery from the small town of Berova in northern Macedonian, this design’s bold motifs evoke a “bartisan,” a corner turret on a medieval castle, many of which can be seen throughout the Balkans where this design originated. The lavish use of red and garnet are traditional to many Balkan textiles and create a wonderfully intense energy to this striking table mat.

This design is quite easy to use to make larger runners—simply use a longer piece of cloth and work more repeats of the design.


Finished size: 6-1/2 x 10” with hem finish

(actual area of embroidery is 4-1/2 x 8”)

59x101 sts/3507 total sts


You Will Need:

One 10x12” piece of 26 count counted thread fabric (photos show our Traditional Groundcloth)

DMC Floss:

2 yds 806 wedgwood blue

2 yds 729 old gold

2 yds 3816 celadon

7 yds 349 bright coral

10 yds 815 garnet

This design is also available as a kit

BitKit Balkan Bartizan Download

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