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Pomegranate Collection patterns are designs which I have not stitched a sample yet for the cover image, but I just couldn't wait to share this design! So, these are less expensive and only available as downloads (not kits or patterns). If you stitch a Pomegranate Collection pattern and submit it for photography, you'll receive a $50 Avlea website credit (and you get your embroidery back, too!). 


This design’s bold motifs evoke a “bartisan,” a corner turret on a medieval castle, many of which can be seen throughout the Balkans where this design originated. The lavish use of red and garnet are traditional to many Balkan textiles and create a wonderful intense energy to this stunning table runner. Adding further complexity is the design’s use of half of a sunburst as a secondary motif which sets off the primary diamond-shaped motif.


185 x 385 sts/24552 total sts

Finished size of embroidery (exclusive of finishing):

On 26-count fabric 14.25 x 30”

On 30-count fabric 12.5 x 25.5”


You Will Need:

30 count fabric--one piece 17 x 30”

26 count fabric—one piece 19 x 34”

(note: I have allowed a 2 inch hem allowance all the way around)


DMC Floss:

68 yds 815 garnet

64 yds 349 coral

6 yds 676 light gold

2 yds 806 wedgewood blue

2 yds 3816 celadon green

Balkan Bartizan download


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