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“Astra” means star in Greek and this delicate allover design features an intricate primary star motif that alternates with a smaller secondary star motif. Worked in a warm palette of deep teal, red copper, golden olive and two shades of green, it can be easily adapted to smaller or larger table runners, or made into a cushion cover.


Finished size (exclusive of finishing): 12.5 x 16.5”

164 x 212 sts/12744 total sts


You Will Need:

One 17 x 21” piece of 26 ct counted thread fabric

DMC Floss:

23 yds 924 grey green very dark

20 yds 918 red copper dark

20 yds 832 golden olive

7 yds 469 avocado

5 yds 927 grey green light


Also available as kit or paper pattern

Astra download

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