How to make a wallhanging

Wall hangings are displayed throughout Greece and will often be one of the first things you to you see upon entering a Greek home. They are a charming and traditional way to display embroidered textiles. With only 3 seams to stitch (by hand or machine), they are also one of the easiest finishing techniques.

Supplies needed:

One wall hanging tapestry rod (coming in mid-June to the Fabrics & Notions page)

small piece of cotton fabric for lining

WH photo 1.jpg

Step 1:

Measure your wall hanging rod, making sure to measure the width inside the decorative ends. For example, a 12-inch wall hanging rod only measures 11-1/4 inches inside the decorative ends, which means your wall hanging can be no wider than 11 inches.


Step 2:

Trim your embroidery: You need to add some extra (called “seam allowance”) to the sides and top of your embroidery so you can sew the back lining to it and have your embroidery turn out the size you want. To figure this out, add the following seam allowances: ½” to each side beyond the desired width, 3” to the top edge (you’re adding more here because of the casing that the rod will go through) and 1-2” to the bottom edge (this is a matter of personal preference).


Step 3:  

Lay your embroidery on a piece of lining fabric and cut the lining fabric the exact same size as the embroidery.


Step 4:

Stitch (either by machine or hand) the embroidery to the lining, right sides together, around the entire embroidery using a ½” seam allowance and leaving the section between the red arrows shown above unstitched.


Step 5:  

Turn the embroidery right side out through the section you left unstitched. Press your embroidery. Blind stitch closed the little open section (if you're not sure how to blind stitch, there are lots of great YouTube videos that show how). Tip: to get your corners really crisp, very gently use a chopstick to push out the corners.

Now, stitch a casing along the top edge by stitching one line ½” down from the top and another 1-1/2” down from the top. You can do this either by hand or machine.


Step 6:

Now, take a seam ripper and very carefully remove the stitches between the casing stitching lines.


Step 7: 

Remove the little finial from one end of your wall hanging rod and insert the dowel through the casing on the embroidery. Replace the little finial and hang up your beautiful embroidery!



Lining—you can use a printed cotton for the back lining for a folkier look.  It doesn't have to be new, either--old garments or scrap fabric can make excellent linings.

Cord—you can change out the black cord on the tapestry rod to any cording of your choice. Choose a color that coordinated with your embroidery or use a metallic cord for a luxe finish.

Trims—you can sew decorative trims at the sides or bottom for a more elaborate finished look. If you want to make a smaller embroidery look larger or fill more space, this is a great way to make your embroidery appear larger.

Tassels--another traditional finish is to use your leftover floss to make little tassels and sew them to the bottom edge.