I love all kinds of embroidery, not just cross stitch (read below for more on that)! So, I've designed some free hand embroidery kits for those looking for high quality kits that are great for beginners and experienced stitchers alike.

They're affordable, high quality and are a wonderful way to share the joy of embroidery!

Each kit contains:

100% Kona cotton with design stamped with waterproof, archival ink

6" bamboo embroidery hoop

John James size 7 embroidery needle

DMC 6-strand embroidery floss

"The Basics of Hand Embroidery" booklet

Reusable stitch diagram

(you can use it for another piece of fabric by taping it to a window or light box and tracking the design with a pencil)

I'm very excited to announce my new HAND EMBROIDERY KITS! These kits have been a year in the making, from choosing historical designs to selecting quality fabric to finding environmentally friendly, beautiful packaging. Throughout this process, my goal has been to bring high quality, affordable hand embroidery to everyone from beginners to experts.


Long before I was cross stitching, I began my handwork journey by teaching myself free hand embroidery when I was 19 years old. I fell in love with historical embroidery designs found in museums and reference books and I longed to recreate these compelling designs. I have dabbled in all kinds of embroidery from early American-inspired Deerfield work to ancient Roman knotwork designs to silk split stitch work, and even a bit of goldwork. I love the fluidity and creativity free hand stitches provide as well as the challenge of choosing just the right stitches for specific designs.


Over the last two years as I have been designing cross stitch patterns inspired by Mediterranean textiles, I have excitedly watched the increased interest in free hand embroidery and couldn't wait to join the fun! My most beloved embroidery book has always been Jacqueline Enthoven's "The Stitches of Creative Embroidery" and I'm happy to report that the publisher gave me permission to use her charming stitch diagrams in my instructions.


I hope these designs and kits inspire you to pick up a needle and stitch some beauty of your own!