Cross Stitch Patterns & Kits

Adapted from sources including vintage Greek embroidery patterns, antique textiles and historic embroideries in museums, my cross stitch designs feature modernized, easy-to-follow symbol-on-color patterns yet do not sacrifice the beauty and intricacy of the original designs.  I offer a wide range of sizes, from my BitKit series which are small designs suitable for a quick project or a beginner, to table mats, table runners, wall hangings and cushion covers. Mediterranean embroideries have always been designed to be used in daily life and that is why most of the designs you see below are photographed in my home as I would use them.

Kits include: counted thread fabric, DMC floss, pattern, and a John James size 24 tapestry needle

Designs with an (M) are wonderful for meditative stitching. Meditative stitching is a form of relaxation, mindfulness, or prayer, and typically features an easy-to-memorize all over design, or a design with a lot of outlining so that you can focus on the methodical calm of stitching rather than a complex pattern. 

Download PDF versions are available on the Download page.