Want to learn to embroider but, feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all? I want to inspire you to embark on an amazing embroidery journey, a journey that will bring color, craft, and creativity into your life and your home!

Here's some basic info to help you get started:

Types of embroidery

There are numerous types of embroidery with all sorts of fancy names (Bargello, anyone?).

I offer kits for two of the most common types of embroidery: Cross Stitch (also known as counted thread) and

Free Hand Embroidery (sometimes just called "embroidery").

Cross stitch has one basic stitch--the cross stitch, which is a just a little X (made by making a right slanting stitch and then crossing it with a left slanting stitch--super easy!). You work these Xs on a "counted thread fabric" and every two threads of the fabric equal one "square" on the chart. My kits have full color charts so they're easy to use and come with a special counted thread fabric that has really visible threads and a beautiful texture so even your first cross stitch attempt will be easy and look fabulous!  

Want to get started? Choose one of the BitKits below along with a 6-inch hoop from the Supplies page

Want to see this in action? Go to the How To page and watch the short video

Free Hand Embroidery has a design stamped onto fabric on which you work a variety of stitches. Each kit has a stitch diagram and instruction booklet to show you how and where to work the stitches.

Want to get started? Buy any of the embroidery hoop kits on the Embroidery page (hoop is included)

Want to see this in action? Go to the How To page and watch the videos on Embroidery.

A note about embroidery floss: I use DMC 6-strand cotton embroidery floss in all my kits because it is high quality, colorfast, and most widely used in Greece. Once you get more experienced, you can start experimenting with the wide world of threads available, but DMC is a classic and terrific for both beginning and experienced stitchers.

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